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You’ve likely heard about workers’ compensation, but you never expected to find yourself in a situation that warrants benefits. Of course, no one anticipates being hurt at work, but when it happens, you may be entitled to compensation from your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company. By law, workers’ compensation insurance covers medical expenses, some lost wages, and more, giving you and your family much-needed financial assistance and peace of mind in case of a work injury or illness.

Here’s what to expect after you file a workers’ compensation claim. 

How to File a Claim for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

According to a recent news report from the Joliet Patch, an employee who worked in deli department of a big box retailer filed a lawsuit after he was allegedly injured on the job.  His injury occurred when a 50-pound box of frozen chicken reportedly fell on him.

breadAccording to his complaint, he was taking these heavy boxes down from a shelf in the freezer when a handle broke, and the box landed on him.  He further alleged that these boxes were manufactured with handles on each side and one of the handles was defective, which was the reason it broke, resulting in his personal injury. Continue reading

According to the Daily News Journal, a worker was killed recently at the Nissan motor vehicle factory in Smyrna, Tennessee.  This is the automaker’s main production facility in the U.S. and is located just outside the Nashville city limits.  This is a major production facility and is in the process of becoming the largest auto plant in the world if several planned expansion projects are completed in the future.

manufactureThis worker was at the plant when he was involved in some type of fatal industrial accident.  Following the tragic accident, co-workers and supervisors immediately called for help and first responders arrived at the factory.  First responders did what they could to stabilize the severely injured employee and then called in a medevac helicopter to airlift him to Vanderbilt Medical Center, which is a level-one trauma center located in nearby Nashville. Continue reading

It wasn’t long ago that a worker in Leominster, about an hour west of Boston, lost his life in a tree-trimming accident after he reportedly fell out of a tree bucket. manwithsaw

According to news reports quoting police and fire investigators, the landscaping worker was employed by an out-of-town tree service that had been called in by the property owner, who called the company because he had a tree in danger of falling. He needed it to be taken down by professionals. Authorities said the worker had stripped the tree of all its branches and was cutting off the top of the tree when he fell some 50 feet to the ground. He suffered severe traumatic injuries and was transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

It’s the kind of incident about which the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) warns in its public safety guidelines on the tree care industry. The OSHA Hazard Bulletin on Tree Care Work details the many serious hazards in tree care work. Chief among those: Falls and falling objects. Continue reading

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