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According to a recent news article from the Boston Globe, a Framingham construction worker was seriously injured in an on-the-job accident. The victim, who was 38-years-old at the time of his serious workplace accident, suffered severe injuries to his pelvis and his legs.

workAuthorities said the victim was a man who was working on the construction site when a 5,000-pound front loader with a backhoe slipped down an icy hill.  The large piece of construction equipment slipped more than 15 feet down the embankment and then crashed through a retaining walling and fell another 10 feet.  When it finally came to a stop, it landed on the worker, and he was seriously injured in this workplace accident. Continue reading

With marijuana now being legal in Massachusetts, some are questioning what will happen if workers are showing up for the job under the influence of marijuana. This is not an easy question to answer, since many consider the drug a medicine just like any other drug, according to a recent news article from Claims Journal.

marijuanaFor obvious reasons, the insurance industry and especially those companies that sell workers’ compensation policies in the Commonwealth are concerned about this issue, since marijuana was legalized in the 2016 election when voters approved that new law. As one might imagine, the workers’ compensation insurance companies do not want to pay benefits to an employee who was injured when he or she was under the influence of marijuana. Continue reading

Many publicly traded-companies value profits over just about anything else. Unfortunately, this too often means worker safety falls by the wayside. One of the ways companies work to increase their profits each quarter is to cut costs through a process known as efficiencies.

weldingAccording to recent news article from Industry Week, companies and their CEOs and boards of directors should not put profits ahead of worker safety.  While this is certainly something with which everyone should agree, it should be noted that that this article was written by someone in the insurance industry, and that industry is likely more concerned with its own profitability. Continue reading

According to a recent news article from the Boston Globe, two construction workers were killed when a water line ruptured.  These workers were inside a trench cut into the street in Boston’s South End when the water line burst causing the trench to quickly fill with water.

broken-water-main-1535002One witness who was walking by at the time said it was a sudden very powerful rush of water that filled the narrow trench in just a few second’s time.  There were other workers who realized what happened and yelled that there were two men down in the hole at the time of flash flooding of the trench.   This trench was around 15 feet in depth at its deepest point. Continue reading

According to a recent news feature from CBS Boston, a construction worker was severely injured when he got his foot trapped in a cement mixer in Newton, Massachusetts.  Co-workers say that the injured employee was working around the machine when he slipped and his leg got trapped.

scaffold-1-1543984This was not a cement truck, but a smaller cement mixing machine that features a large screw or auger inside to mix the cement.  It was this auger that trapped his leg and was crushing it when another worker heard the screams and shut down the machine.  Continue reading

Demolition workers helping to tear down the former Wollaston Theatre in Quincy, Mass. were seriously injured after they became trapped when a wall fell on top of them. wall1

According to, the incident happened just south of Boston at a place that was once known by locals as, “The Wolly.” It opened in 1926, but was being torn down after it had fallen into disrepair and the site purchased in 2012.

The structural collapse incident at the 90-year-old landmark occurred when a 15-foot wall made of brick and steel collapsed during the demolition process. One worker was trapped on the ground and another hurt his arm after he jumped from a cherry picker. The man on the ground was reportedly stuck under 4 feet of brick and steel. Firefighters believe a steel beam probably saved his life. His torso and below were completely buried.  Continue reading

According to a recent news feature from the Boston Herald, a Chilean soccer fan who had been watching the international competition was arrested after he had allegedly hit a construction worker in Boston’s Ted Williams Tunnel and then fled the scene.

workman-sign-1003297-mPolice say that when they caught up with the suspect and pulled him over, he allegedly pretended to blow into the roadside breath test and then told the officer that his wife “looks like a toilet.” Continue reading

A conveyor belt injury at a commercial bakery last year has resulted in a $140,000 fine from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) to a bakery. manufacture

According to reports, it was a simple task the resulted in an unnecessary injury. She was reportedly cleaning a conveyor belt and roller in December 2015 when her hand suddenly got caught between the belt and the roller and the machine began to pull her hand. She suffered numerous broken bones in her arm and hand, but thankfully did not have to endure an amputation.

A local OSHA office investigation revealed the company was in violation of the standard hazardous energy control guidelines. Specifically, the machine had not been turned off and locked out of its power source before starting the cleaning. But this wasn’t the worker’s failing. As it turned out, they had not been trained on how to do so.

The resulting injury and hazards were preventable.  Continue reading

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