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Working on a construction site is among the most dangerous jobs in the United States.  Each year, construction workers are killed when they are hit by cars on roadside construction projects. We also see workers hit by falling objects, fall off high buildings under construction, and get run over by heavy equipment such as cranes and fork lifts. While it would seem unlikely for a person to get killed by a forklift, as they are required to follow various safety guidelines at construction sites, we are actually hearing about accidents such as these all the time in news articles from around the nation.bulldozer

According to a recent news feature from WCVB News 5 Boston, a worker in Phillipston, Massachusetts was killed when a bulldozer operator backed over him while at a job site.  Authorities say the job involved construction of a park owned by the town.  While the 60-year-old was working at the job site, his was hit and crushed by the large bulldozer while it was in reverse.  First responders were called to scene, but here nothing they could do for him.  In many cases, they will attempt to stabilize a patient for transport to a local level one trauma center, but in this case, they worker was crushed and there was nothing left to do but pronounce him dead on the scene and wait for a medical examiner to arrive. Continue reading

According to recent news from the Taunton Gazette, a group of workers and family members gathered at the steps of the Massachusetts statehouse in downtown Boston to fight for workplace safety measures for construction sites.  They were also there to mourn the more than 60 construction workers who died in fatal workplace accidents last year.

workerexcavatorThose in attendance erected a temporary memorial wall and covered the wall with flowers and read the names of the victims aloud as a bagpiper played at the memorial ceremony.  Among those there to support the workers and move for change in terms of worker safety was the father of a construction worker who died on the job in Taunton. Continue reading

There is no question that construction work is dangerous, as there are many cases of serious or even fatal on-the-job injuries each year.  Most of these construction site injuries involve someone getting hurt from falling from a high structure, being hit by a hard object, or being injured by a large piece of moving machinery.  However, these are not the only ways to suffer a workplace injury on the construction site.

mke8KlC-200x300According to recent news from KMOV News 4, a construction worker was killed in what authorities are calling a gas line explosion.  The deadly explosion occurred at construction project where a new subdivision was being built.  Continue reading

Maxwell v. Sprint PCS, an appeal from the Oklahoma Supreme Court, involved a claimant who suffered an on-the-job injury.  While she was working, she hurt her knee and had to receive immediate medical attention.

gavel-2-1409592-mShe did not return to work immediately, but she filled out a timely application for workers’ compensation, known in that state as a CC form.  She needed to get surgery to repair the damaged tendon in her injured knee, and her employer agreed her injury was work related and covered by workers’ compensation.  For this reason, they approved her initial claim. Continue reading

A 70-year-old man who had been recently fired from a local business in Cambridge reportedly returned to inflict harm on his former boss, who’d had a role in his termination.


According to The Boston Herald, the alleged shooter drove tot he company and waited in his vehicle for the 58-year-old victim to arrive. When he did, the suspect reportedly fired several rounds from his 12-gauge pump shot gun. Thankfully, he did not inflict serious injury. The victim used his briefcase to shield his face from the blast, though he did suffer minor shrapnel wounds.

Other workers stepped in to intervene, at which point the gunman got in his car and killed himself, police said. Authorities said the man had been fired several months earlier and had reportedly had no contact with the company or its workers from then until the day of the shooting.  Continue reading

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