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According to a recent news article in the Worcester Telegram, staff members at the Worcester Recovery Center are concerned about injuries to workers as a result of patient violence.

506099_caution_For those who are not aware, the recovery center is located next to the old Worcester State Hospital that housed the Department of Mental Health’s inpatients. Many of these inpatients were involved with the criminal justice system as well and were there pursuant to a court order. The new recovery center is considered the “jewel” of the department’s inpatient facilities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Continue reading

While many people come to the hospital after injury or illness, it is often overlooked how dangerous a hospital environment can be for those working there. According to a recent news article from CBS, a hospital worker was injured after an assault by a patient.

mgySe7yAuthorities say the 16-year-old patient was admitted to the mental health division of the hospital in a secure part of the state-owned facility. This patient allegedly attacked a female hospital worker, causing a serious injury. It is alleged the patient grabbed the employee and shoved her head into a brick wall. The patient is alleged to have kicked the victim repeatedly, causing additional injury. The injured worker was treated for her injuries at hospital, though there has been no update on her condition as of this time. Continue reading

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