Hospital Worker Injured in Attack by Patient

While many people come to the hospital after injury or illness, it is often overlooked how dangerous a hospital environment can be for those working there. According to a recent news article from CBS, a hospital worker was injured after an assault by a patient.

mgySe7yAuthorities say the 16-year-old patient was admitted to the mental health division of the hospital in a secure part of the state-owned facility. This patient allegedly attacked a female hospital worker, causing a serious injury. It is alleged the patient grabbed the employee and shoved her head into a brick wall. The patient is alleged to have kicked the victim repeatedly, causing additional injury. The injured worker was treated for her injuries at hospital, though there has been no update on her condition as of this time.

A spokesperson for hospital administration said they would review the incident and try to determine how to prevent similar assaults from occurring in the future. On the other hand, the labor union representing the hospital workers is claiming hospital management has been insufficiently staffing the facility, which is putting workers at risk for this and other types of injury.

As our workers’ compensation attorneys understand, there are a variety of different types of accidents that are common in hospital and home healthcare employment settings. One of the most common types of injuries involves spinal injuries and muscle sprains and strains while trying to a lift a patient. Even though modern hospitals have more mechanical lifting aids and other forms of lift-assist systems, many nurses and other patient care employees frequently lift patients using nothing more than their own strength and the lift techniques taught to them in school.

While there are ways to prevent an on-the-job injury in a hospital setting, and proper training and equipment may go a long way towards reducing the number of workplace accidents, there is nothing that can be done to prevent all workplace injury for healthcare workers. For that reason, it is important for a worker to know what to do following an on-the-job injury.

The most important thing is to make sure an injury report is generated. This means making sure you report the accident or illness to your supervisor immediately. It is also important to seek immediate medical attention and never refuse care that is offered by emergency personnel. This will help your workers’ compensation claim because there will be a medical record to submit as evidence that your injury was work-related.

This is especially important, because some types of injuries are not immediately apparent. For example, a neck injury or back injury may not hurt for a day or two after the accident, and then it will get worse over time. If you wait to report the injury, there is a better chance that your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company will claim that injury did not occur while you were on the job.

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