Work Accidents in Boston and Elsewhere Targeted with New Grants

Hilda L. Solis with the U.S. Department of Labor recently made an announcement saying that about $12 million in federal funds was awarded through the Workforce Data Quality Initiative.

With the new initiative, 12 more states will be able to build or grow longitudinal databases of workforce data. This information will be linked to educational data to help to make workplaces safer, to help to reduce the risks of work accidents in Boston and elsewhere and to help to improve the performance of various workplace development programs.

It’s comprehensive programs like this that help to keep communication alive in the workplace and help to warn employers and employees about the risks for accidents on the job.
Our Boston workers’ compensation lawyers understand that Massachusetts was one of the 12 states to be chosen to receive funds from this grant through this second round. The funding is going to help companies and workforces to create the means to provide policymakers, practitioners and consumers with info regarding the relationship between workforce development programs and education.

Those who have received the funds should be able to use the databases to conduct analysis and research that can be used to determine just how effective workforce and various education programs can be used.

The grants will be distributed through a three-year grant time. Throughout this time, there are a number of goals that officials with the Department of Labor intend on achieving:

-Creating and improving existing data systems.

-Improving the breadth and the quality of information and data in these kinds of systems.

-Using this information to help to provide information about various program operations.

-Analyzing the performance of employment training and education programs.

-Providing consumers with user-friendly info to help employers and employees to create the programs that best suit the needs of their workplace.

The states that were awarded this grant:

-South Dakota
-Rhode Island
-New Jersey
In 2010, there were more than 2 million total recorded work-related injuries in the private industry throughout the United States. Of these reports, nearly 1 million of them required time away from work. In addition to these injuries, there were nearly 5,000 fatalities reports. Some of the top causes of work-related fatalities in the country were highway accidents, falls and homicides.

Some of the most common injuries sustained on the job by workers throughout the country include sprains, strains, tears, various injuries to the back and injuries resulting from fall-related accidents.

Employers have a responsibility to minimize the risks for accidents on the job. Safety should always be a number one priority at work. Safety and preparation help to keep workers safe!

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