Work Accidents in Boston and Elsewhere on the Rise

Did you know that a recent study from the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) concluded that there were nearly 15 people who were killed on the job during each day of 2010?

The recent report also concluded that the number of fatal work accidents in Boston and elsewhere is on the rise. This is all in the face of a struggling economy and relatively high unemployment rates, both factors that should typically decrease the number of injuries on the job. The number of work hours has seen a significant decrease recently, yet the number of fatal work accidents continues to rise, according to World News Report.
Officials with AFL-CIO say that the recent discoveries should be enough to cause some change, that employers should take the time to look over their workplace hazards, policies and procedures to help to protect their employees. It is every employer’s responsibility to provide a safe workplace for workers.

Our Boston workers’ compensation lawyers understand that there were nearly 5,000 people in the United States who were killed on the job in 2010. And this statistic doesn’t even include those who died from work-related diseases. When you include that number, officials think you can add on another 50,000.

Typically, Latino employees had a workplace death rate that was nearly 10 percent higher than the death rate for employees nationwide. The construction industry lost the most workers. Some of the states with the highest work-related fatality rates included the Dakotas, Wyoming, West Virginia and Alaska.

Luckily, the state of Massachusetts joined Rhode Island and New Hampshire with some of the lowest work-related fatality rates. Still, we lost far too many employees throughout the year. t’s important that workers throughout the state keep safety as a number one priority on each and every work site.

In addition to these fatalities, there were another 4 million people who were injured on the job. Researchers and authors of the newly-released report believe that this number is actually much higher as they feel that many of the accidents were never reported. Officials believe that the actual number of more than 11 million. Together, workplace injuries and illnesses cost the country close to $300 billion every year.

Since we’re seeing an increase in the number of workplace accidents, injuries and fatalities, it’s important for companies and employers to review their policies and to make sure that their work sites are safe. All known hazards need to be eliminated and employees need to be offered the proper safety equipment.

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