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According to a recent news feature from Business Insurance, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has just voted to approve medical implant device designed to help patients fight addiction to opioids.

perscription-drug-case-1156714-mThis implant, which was designed by two drugmakers working on a joint project, is implanted during a surgical procedure under the skin of the patient’s arm. A subdural implant in a patient’s arm is nothing new, as there are even forms of birth control that use this delivery method. Continue reading

Kelly v. Blue Ribbon Linen Supply, Inc., a case from the Supreme Court of Idaho, involved a workers’ compensation claimant who was working for a linen supply company. In late 2013, she was working for employer, when a heavy cart rolled over her left foot in the course and scope of her employment, according to court records.

mgyScleFollowing her accident, claimant filed a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, and the workers’ compensation insurance company paid her medical bills and for time lost from work (lost wages) as result of the injury she sustained on her left foot. Continue reading

When we think of workers’ compensation, we are often thinking in terms of an on- the-job injury and benefits to compensate worker or his or her family after he or she has been seriously hurt or even killed. However, workers’ compensation benefits are also available for employees who suffer from a work-related illness. Mesothelioma is one obvious workplace illness that comes to mind, but injury from chemical exposure is much more common than most people might think.

safetymaskWhile workplace illness due to chemical exposure can occur in manufacturing plants, and, more obviously, places like research laboratories and chemical plants, there are other industries where workers are particularly at risk for chemical exposure-related illness. According to a recent news article from Safety + Health, beauty salon workers are at high risk for on-the-job illness. Continue reading

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