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Sports fans in Atlanta will soon have two new stadiums to look forward to attending in the near feature. In the case of the Braves, Turner Field, which was built as Centennial Olympic Stadium in 1996 and then converted into a baseball stadium, is in its second to last year of operation. In the 2017 baseball season, the team will be using the new Sun Trust stadium north of Atlanta in Cobb County. The Atlanta Falcons are also getting a new home, as the aging Georgia Dome built in 1992 will no longer be used. The Georgia Dome currently hosts the NFL franchise and the University of Georgia NCAA team, as well as a soccer team.

mmftBzMThe New Atlanta Stadium, as it still called, pending the sale of naming rights, is being constructed in an area near the existing Georgia Dome and is expected to be something of a modern marvel when it is complete in 2017, complete with an estimated $1.4 billion price tag. The stadium will host the Atlanta Falcons, an MLS team. Owners hope it will be the sight for a future Super Bowl and possibly a FIFA World Cup. Continue reading

For decades, employees at auto plants have been losing their jobs due to robots replacing human workers on the assembly line. While the biggest fear is that these robots will take over most or all of the automotive industry jobs, it seems these robots can also be dangerous to work around in some cases.

control-pad-126822-mAccording to a recent news feature from Fortune, a robot at a Volkswagen factory killed a worker. Authorities say a technician was working with another employee to install a production robot when the robot struck him in the chest and pushed him against a metal plate, where he suffered significant injuries and later died.

The company said it normally places a safety cage around the robots, so human workers cannot be injured in accidents like this one, but since the workers were servicing the robot itself, the worker was standing on the inside of the cage at the time of the fatal on-the-job accident. There are, however, robots which work alongside human employees on the assembly line, but these are lightweight robots the company claims are not likely to cause this type of injury to an employee. While this particular accident occurred at a German factory, the company said it plans to use more of these robots in all production centers across the world and plans to replace many of the retiring Baby Boomer employees with robots, because they are much more cost effective than human workers. Continue reading

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