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According to a recent news report from NBC News, a man was working on constructing prototypes for President Trump’s planned wall between the U.S. and Mexico border.  While there is no funding for an actual wall at this time, there was funding already in the budget for border security that is being used to construct a series of prototype walls that are supposed to be helpful in deciding on how to construct the actual border wall should U.S. Congress approve funding.

Boston Workers' CompWhile this worker was helping to construct one of the prototypes, he lost his footing and fell into a 40 foot deep hole.  According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CPB), the accident was the workers’ fault because he was allegedly not paying attention and fell into the deep hole.  Somehow, the man was not injured in the accident.  Other construction workers were able to pull him out using a construction hoist and he was back on his feet in no time.  Once the worker was back on his feet and there was no need to stop construction work as nobody was injured.  This was one of four prototype walls that are being constructed for feasibility testing. Continue reading