Boston Work Accidents: Perception and Reality

Did you know that your mind has the ability to reduce your risks of a work-related accident in Boston or wherever you may work? It’s true, according to a recent study from the University of Georgia. A newly-released study, “Perception and Work-Life Balance are Key Factors in Workplace Safety,” concludes that when workers’ perceive a positive safety climate, their risks for work-related injuries can decrease by more than 30 percent.

According to, the perception of safety climate breaks down a worker’s feelings toward the importance of safety in the workplace. We’re not saying that if you just “think” you’re safe then you’re going to be. We’re saying that actions taken by safety planners, manager and company owners can help to increase a worker’s trust in a company’s safety policies and can ultimately reduce their risks for a work accident.
“We’ve known for some time that certain occupations are more dangerous than others due to a variety of physical and other hazards,” said Dave DeJoy, University of Georgia professor of health promotion and behavior.

In the last 2 decades, there have been a number of studies that have concluded that organizational and management factors play a critical work in the risks for work-related accidents. These actions oftentimes play a huge role in the risks for on-the-job injuries. Our Massachusetts injury lawyers understand that there needs to be organizational and management actions taken frequently to continue to ensure that workplaces are safe for everyone. You see, we can create safety controls and procedures, but if they’re not continuously enforced and maintained, then that falls on management. To have a safe work environment for everyone, all parties need to work together at all times. Better team efforts toward safer workplaces help to increase workers’ perception of safety and help to increase physical safety.

Another important factor in the recent study from the University of Georgia was the contributions of family-related issues to work-related accidents. The study did in fact find that workers who were dealing with family interference at the job had higher rates of injury.

DeJoy says that many like to think that family and work are two different things. We’re finding out that’s not always the case. Researchers are concluding that the balance, or unbalance, of work, family and life has the ability to affect your work, whether it is positive or negative.

Regardless of what factors may or may not be involved in a worker’s personal life, it’s important to provide them with the safest work conditions possible while they’re on the job and earning a paycheck. It’s a federal requirement for employers to do so. The concerns for injury deserve to, and have a legal right to be, a top focus of employers.

“Injury is a failure of management,” said DeJoy. “Organizations who blame individuals for injuries do not create a positive safety climate.”

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