OSHA Cites Work Accident in Woburn

One company in Massachusetts is in some big trouble with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). According to OSHA, the company’s marble and granite fabrication operation was cited with more than 10 violations of the administration’s workplace safety standards, as well as for neglecting to reduce the risks of on-the-job accidents in Woburn. All of these violations come with proposed fines totaling nearly $48,000.
International Stone Inc. was inspected by one of the OSHA Area Offices back in December after a complaint was filed regarding safety and work operations at one of the company’s facilities. OSHA inspectors witnessed workers polishing and cutting marble and granite on grinders that were not equipped with guards. Employees were also not wearing hand, face or eye protection. OSHA also concluded that the company was using electrical equipment and outlets that were unapproved and were being used in wet locations. The company was also noted for misusing extension cords, blocking access to circuit breakers, having illegible and worn out control buttons on its cranes, failing to eliminate trip and fall dangers, obstructing emergency exits and not properly marking exit doors.

Our Massachusetts workers compensation lawyers understand that these were all serious violations that were recorded by OSHA officials. These violations came with fines of nearly $40,000. Employers are required to provide safe and healthful work conditions for all employees. When companies fail to obey work safety rules, and OSHA finds out, companies typically find themselves in big trouble and ultimately will likely draw fines that could total into the tens of thousands of dollars. When a company is issued a serious violation, it means that employers should have known about the hazards and the risks for serious injury or even death that were found on the job.

International Stone Inc. was also cited by OSHA investigators with two repeat violations. This tacked on another $12,600 to the proposed fines. Included in these findings were violations that were extremely similar to the violations that were discovered back in 2008 when the company’s Marshfield location was inspected by OSHA. These violations were for failing to inspect cranes and the lifting hooks of these cranes in order to point out and fix potential defects. The second repeat violation was for using unapproved extension cords in wet areas.

“Left uncorrected, these conditions expose employees to the hazards of electrocution, lacerations, amputations, crushing by heavy objects, and eye and facial injuries,” said Robert Kowalski, an OSHA area director.

International Stone Inc. has 15 business days from the issue date of the citations to meet with their OSHA area directors, comply with the findings or contest them in front of the Independent Review Commission.

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