New Hampshire Ball Bearing Plant Explosion Raises Safety Concerns

An explosion here in the Northeast has been a tragic reminder of the importance of workplace safety. The accident is still under investigation as authorities are seeking to determine what caused the explosion at a New Hampshire Ball Bearings Plant. The explosion caused massive damage and sent 15 victims to the hospital, 2 with critical injuries. Witnesses claimed that the explosion felt like an earthquake and ran out of the building to save themselves from the blast that blew out windows a quarter mile away. The plant employs 700 workers in the town of 6,400 resident and was cited in at least two safety complaints with OSHA in the past decade.


Explosions pose a significant hazard in America’s workplace. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were over 4,000 occupational fatalities caused by explosions in 2012. Our workplace injury attorneys are dedicated to protecting the lives of workers in Massachusetts and nationwide. In addition to raising awareness to prevent future injuries, we are also committed to fighting for the rights of victims who have suffered in work-related accidents. We understand the importance of recovery and will take every step to help you recover the compensation you deserve after an injury or loss of a loved one.

According to reports
, two separate explosions blasted a ball bearing plant in Peterborough, New Hampshire. The first explosion sent over 400 workers running from the building to save themselves just before a larger and second blast took place. There were over a dozen victims sent to the local hospitals for treatment. Two were left critically injured and another four were left with serious injuries. Fire and rescue teams are combining their efforts with local and federal law enforcement agencies to determine the cause of the explosion.

Terrorism has not been ruled out, but authorities do not believe it is likely, considering that the explosion took place in an area of the plant that stored and mixed chemicals. In all likelihood, authorities have determined that the accident is a more commonly identified “industrial-related accident.” In addition to responding to the needs of victims, emergency crews were working through the night to secure the building and ensure that it is safe for entry. It is still unknown when the facilities will be back in operation.

As with the West, Texas explosion that killed 15 workers and 13 emergency responders in April 2013, the accident is a reminder of the dangers of storing and handling explosive chemicals. Workers, employers, and other industry leaders must make every effort to ensure the safety of employees. In the event of an explosion or industrial accident, victims and their families are entitled to recover workers’ compensation benefits for lost wages and medical expenses. In addition, third-party claims maybe available in the event of misconduct or negligence.

Investigators are still working to determine the cause of the accident. Victims who have suffered work-related injuries, including burn trauma or inhalation as the result of an explosion are entitled to workers’ compensation. An experienced advocate can review your case and aggressively pursue your interests in an effort towards recovery.

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