MassCOSH Members Fighting Work Accidents in Quincy and Elsewhere

Not every job requires working alongside other employees. In some job positions, you have the responsibility to execute a job while working alone. While some may find these jobs to be relaxing and less stressful, others recognize the dangers. If you’re injured or find yourself in trouble when you’re working alone, who’s there to help? Luckily, there’s a program that’s here to help!
You may remember Stephanie Moulton, a brilliant 25-year-old social worker who was alone on the job when she was attacked. She had to no one there to offer help and she had no one to call for help. That’s why MassCOSH, SEIU and the family of Miss Moulton worked together to create legislation that would help tighten the protections for social service workers. Under Stephanie’s Law, S2006, specific workers who are alone on the job are to be provided mobile-alert devices to call for help in the event of an emergency. By offering these individuals quick access to help, officials are helping to reduce the risks of work-related accidents in Boston and elsewhere.

Our Massachusetts work accident lawyers understand that MassCOSH is recruiting support for this year’s program. The organization is asking you to join. With more members, Stephanie’s Law can become a larger reality and can help to save lives. That’s not all. MassCOSH is also working toward improving work conditions for all kinds of workers, not just those who work alone.

MassCOSH Memberships Helping To:

-Stop employers who hire temporary employees and offer only low-wage compensation. For this, MassCOSH is working on passing the Employment Agency Reform Bill (HB1393).

-Assist young workers of Massachusetts Through Teens Lead @ Work. This program focuses on our young labor leaders.

-Fight against employees who see the safety and health standards as an inconvenience and as a nuisance. The sad truth is that many employers see these federal safety standards as an obstacle that’s killing their profits and a practice that’s not effective in helping to prevent work-related accidents.

Members of MassCOSH:

-Help the victims of work accidents and the victims’ families. These individuals are not alone. MassCOSH offers a community of individuals who have also been affected by work accidents and have seen a loved one head off to work — and never come home.

-Help to increase the persuasiveness of the group. More members mean more support and more consideration from government. Members recently helped to pass the ban on flammable floor sealers, the same dangerous sealers that recently killed four workers.

Memberships start at just $30. If you donate more than $75 you will get a free MassCOSH shirt. Email Membership Coordinator Jeff Newton for more information.

MassCOSH members continue to fight for the rights of employees and fight to bring safety and health standards into the 21st century.

The Massachusetts workers’ compensation attorneys at Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers are dedicated to fighting for the rights of injured employees in Quincy, Milton, Cape Cod, Taunton and elsewhere throughout the state. If you or someone you love has suffered a work-related injury and would like to file a disability claim, call to schedule a free and confidential appointment at (617) 777-7777.

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