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Boston and the surrounding areas in New England are known for extremely cold winters with temperatures that fall below zero, but it is the strong winds that often wreak the most havoc on our area.  We are regularly dealing with blocked streets and power outages due to downed trees. This causes road hazards, but it can also knock out heat, which can be a deadly problem.  While most of us of would rather stay inside during the worst of the winter weather, the many tree workers in Boston must brave the worst conditions. It’s a very dangerous job that can result in serious personal injury of even death.  For these workers and their families, a Boston workers’ compensation case is often the only remedy available for financial recovery.

Workers’ Compensation Benefit Types

workers' compensationIn a Boston workers’ compensation case, the type of benefits will depend on the extent of the injuries, and the amount of time it will take a worker to recover, or if the injuries are likely to be permanent.   Depending on the extent and duration of the injuries, possible benefits in a Boston workers’ compensation are as follows:

  • Lost wages
    • Permanent Partial Impairment
    • Permanent Total Impairment
    • Temporary Partial Impairment
    • Permanent Total Impairment
  • Past medical expenses
  • Future medical expenses
  • Physical therapy expenses
  • Occupational therapy expenses
  • Burial expenses in fatal workplace accidents or illness cases
  • Damages for Specific Injuries

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Some of the most serious on-the-job injuries result in the death of an employee. Accidents that are also very serious but do not result in death can result in the lost of an arm or leg. These types of serious accidents resulting in amputation are more likely to occur when doing jobs that involve the use of heavy machinery, though there is often heavy machinery in more types of employment than one might initially think.

mHaZEPUObviously, a factory is likely to have a lot of large machinery, and there can be serious accidents caused by these machines. All machines are supposed to have guards to prevent unnecessary injuries to employees, but we frequently see accidents caused by improperly guarded machines. Continue reading