Quincy Accident Pins Trucker at Shipyard

A recent trucking accident in Quincy took the life of an oil truck driver after his truck ended up pinning him against a wall.

The accident happened at the former Fore River shipyard as the worker was preparing to transfer fuel from his truck to a commuter boat, according to the Boston Globe. Accident reports indicate that the truck’s brakes failed and that’s what caused the truck to move.
There was a man inside the truck when the accident happened. He was able to get the truck into gear and move it to free the 42-year-old worker who was pinned. Unfortunately, after receiving CPR onsite from Quincy emergency response teams, the victim was taken to the Quincy Medical Center where he was later pronounced dead. The accident is still being investigated.

Our Quincy workers’ compensation attorneys understand that in some cases truck drivers are at no fault for an accident and it may be the fault of the company. Sometimes they happen because of faulty equipment. Just as in any other work environment, all employees are to be provided with the proper equipment and safety devices to complete the job safely and injury free. When your occupation involves driving a large truck or any other kind of motor vehicle, employers are required to make sure that these vehicles are in good working order, their parts are up to date and that everything is routinely checked.

There are a number of components that can contribute to an accident, including tires, hydraulics, brakes, locks, load straps, etc. These devices need to be routinely and thoroughly checked to make sure that they’re not putting employees at any unnecessary risks for an accident. Sometimes there can even be vehicles that come straight from the manufacturer with defective parts already installed on them. Still, companies are required to seek out the proper replacement or repairs for these vehicles. If a company knew about these defects and did nothing to correct them, the trucking company may ultimately be responsible for any injuries.

Determining fault in these cases is no easy task. Many times, the financial stakes are high and both trucking companies and truck manufacturers aren’t looking to dish out adequate compensation for the victim’s pain, suffering and losses. That’s where you need an experienced attorney.

You need an attorney who can undertake a complete and thorough analysis of the accident, of the equipment involved and of the individuals involved.

Make sure that your company is providing you with the proper equipment to get the job done. Make sure that this equipment is up to the proper safety standards and make sure that your employer is responsible for getting this done. Safety on the job shouldn’t be taken lightly. It should be one of the top concerns.

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