New Campaign Targeting Fall-Related Work Accidents in Milton and Elsewhere

There is a new campaign that is being led by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and it is being used to help to prevent fatal fall accidents in Milton and elsewhere for those who are involved in the construction industry.

According to Hilda L. Solis, the Secretary for OSHA, the new safety campaign will be providing employees and employers with important life-saving education and informational materials to help to better protect workers who work on roofs, scaffolds, ladders and other high levels.
In 2010, there were over 10,000 workers in the construction industry who died in fall-related work accidents. Nearly 300 additional workers were killed in these kinds of accidents during the year. These numbers are far too high considering the preventative measures available to help curb these incidents.

Our Milton workers’ compensation lawyers understand that these kinds of accidents are completely preventable when the proper safety precautions are met on each and every work site. It’s important to spread the word and to help raise awareness about this problem to help to correct these dangerous work conditions that many workers throughout the U.S. face.

The recent announcement of the new campaign was made at this year’s Action Summit for Worker Safety and Health. The summit was held at a community college in Los Angeles and was one of the many events recognizing Workers’ Memorial Day. The U.S. Department of Labor sponsored this event and it is observed each year on the 28th of April to remember workers across the country who have lost their lives while working on the job. This event is used to raise awareness about these preventable work-related injuries.

Solis says that this is one of the best ways to honor these workers, to make sure that other families across the country don’t have to go through the same pain and heartache of losing a family member in one of these tragic accidents
Fall-related accidents continue to be the most common of all of the work-related accidents among construction workers. These kinds of accidents account for about a third of all construction worker fatalities. The message of this year’s campaign is “safety pays, and falls cost.” Employers and employees are urged to hop on board and make the changes to help make their work sites safer for everyone and to reduce the risks of fall-related accidents.

The new fall prevention program of this campaign was developed by OSHA, the National Occupational Research Agenda program and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. These organizations and programs work together to help provide employees with educational materials, common-sense training as well as equipment strategies to help to halt these kinds of accidents.

“The busy summer months are upon us, and now is the time to ensure that workers and employers understand what is required to prevent falls,” said Dr. David Michaels, with the OSH.

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