Ergonomic Conditions and Work Accidents in Boston and Elsewhere: NSC Week 2

As we recently reported on our Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Blog, the entire month of June will be used to help to raise awareness about the risks of work accidents.

The National Safety Council (NSC) is organizing the month-long event, National Safety Month, and they’re also stepping up with some important tips to help you to stay safe on the job. Work safety should be a top priority of all employers, but there are things that employees can do to lessen their risks for an accident or for an injury.
During the second week of the campaign, safety officials with the NSC are focusing on ergonomics. Through this week-long portion of the campaign, officials are working to educate employees on how to properly set up their work space to make it work with them not against them. By setting up an area that works for you, you can work more comfortably and reduce your risks for an accident.

Our Boston workers’ compensation lawyers understand that most employees are at risk for an ergonomic condition. Most commonly, you hear about these kinds of conditions happening to those who work in an office and at a desk all day. These conditions can affect virtually all parts of your body. Ergonomics is about learning how to work smarter and preventing conditions like overexertion. Did you know that close to 3.5 million people wind up in an emergency room every year because of overexertion? It’s true. Don’t let it happen to you and review the following tips to help to prevent one of these kinds of accident.

Ergonomics Tips:

-Make sure that you’ve got an adjustable chair at your desk. Make those adjustments frequently. Sitting in one spot for too long can hurt you.

-Be sure to give your eyes a break. Focus on something that’s at least 20 feet away periodically to rest your peepers.

-Get up and move around. Go for a walk, stand up and stretch, just get moving. You don’t want to sit still for too long.

-Make sure that your computer screen isn’t straining your eyes and your neck. Place the screen above your eyes slightly.

-Make sure that your wrists are in a comfortable and relaxed position when using the keyboard.

-Make sure that whatever you do most, whether it’s the computer or not, is placed right in front of you to minimize head and torso turning.

-Keep commonly used items near you to avoid reaching.

It’s important to remember that even with a properly set up work area, you can still get muscle fatigue from being in the same spot and in the same position for too long. Make sure to make frequent adjustments to your work space to keep it comfortable.

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