New Program With Millions for Workplace Safety

There’s close to $11 million that’s going to the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program. It’s a big present of safety from officials with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This program is going to help to fund more than 70 not-for-profit organizations, including universities, colleges, management associations, employer associations, labor unions, and community groups.
What the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program does is provide education and training for employers and employees on the recognition, prevention and avoidance of safety and health dangers in their work areas. The program also works to educate workers about their rights on the job and what they can expect from their employer. Smaller companies and those who employ low-literacy workers in high-hazard industries are targeted through this effort. There has been close to 2 million workers who have gone through this program wince the late 1970s.

Our Boston workers compensation attorneys understand how critical it is for both employers and employees to be well-educated in safety practices on the job. Education and training are the number one preventative measures in working to prevent serious workplace accidents. With these new funds, workers and employers is some of our country’s most dangerous industries will receive the attention and the assistance they deserve to eliminate these kinds of dangers.

Through these programs, thousands of employees, companies and employers will be provided with one-of-a-kind hands-on, in-person training to deal with specific hazards to each industry. This information and knowledge will help to make a lifetime of change in improving workplace health and safety, says Dr. David Michaels, the Secretary of Labor.

The program was names after Susan Harwood as she was the previous director of Office of Risk Assessment. She passed away in 1996.

When it boils down, every single business, regardless of which industry it’s in, is required to provide workers with the safest working conditions possible. Work hazards can range from slippery floors to asbestos to excessive noise. This can be tougher to handle for smaller businesses. Luckily, there are government agencies that are formulated to regulate workplace safety also provides a wealth of resources to help small businesses comply with these specific regulations.

That’s why officials with OSHA have created the Consultation Services for the Employer program. Through this program employers and supervisors who are looking for help in making sure that their work areas are safe can get it from a free consultation service. These services are funded by OSHA.

If you’re able to point out the hazards that you may encounter on the job and you’re knowledgeable in ways to remedy them, then officials believe that you will more likely do so and you’ll be less likely to be injured on the job. When a safety consultant assists you in setting up or strengthening your workplace safety and health program, safety and health activities become routine considerations rather than crisis-oriented responses.

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