Top 10 Most-Cited Workplace Safety Violations

With each and every job position we face workplace risks that could potentially leading to serious injury or disability. Some of these risks are more prominent that others. Once again, fall protection takes the number one spot on the list of Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s most-cited workplace safety violations, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). This year’s list of Top 10 was announced at the 2013 National Safety Council Congress & Expo.
“Today’s presentation reminds us that it’s very important to learn from the past and address these top violations to help make our workplaces safer,” said Janet Froetscher, President and CEO of the NSC.

Our workers’ compensation lawyers in Massachusetts understand that you have the right to a safe workplace under federal law. There are regulations in place to prevent workers from being killed or seriously harmed on the job. Almost always, workplace deaths and injuries are clearly preventable. Workplace hazards are well-known and painstakingly researched, and employers have a responsibility to follow established safety and health laws and common sense safety practices that prevent tragedies. Still, close to 5,200 Americans die from on the job accidents & injuries each and every year. That is more loss of life than during the attacks of September 11th.

Preliminary Figures for the New Top 10:

-Fall Protection: More than 8,000 violations.

-Hazard Communication: More than 6,000 violations.

-Scaffolding: Close to 4,000 violations.

-Respiratory Protection: More than 3,800 violations.

-Electrical, Wiring Methods: More than 3,400 violations.

-Powered Industrial Trucks: More than 3,300 violations.

-Ladder: More than 3,300 violations.

-Lockout/Tagout: More than 3,200 violations.

-Electrical, General Requirements: Close to 3,000 violations.

-Machine Guarding: More than 2,700 violations.

If you have a complaint about your work conditions or think that you might be in danger on the job, you have the legal right to speak up. You can also speak up if someone is making your fell uncomfortable on the job or if you believe you’re not getting the proper training to complete the job safely. OSHA recommends that employees try to resolve safety and health issues first by reporting them to their supervisors, managers or their company’s safety and health committee. At any time, however, employees can complain to their OSHA office and ask for an inspection or an investigation. OSHA has the authority to inspect a workplace. Workers have the right to have a representative accompany the OSHA official on the inspection or have the official interview employees about working conditions.

If you work for a company and not part of the government, than you are most likely covered by either the Federal OSHA regulations or if the state you work in opted to do so, State specific OSHA programs.

Safe work environments are the responsibility of everyone. Point out problems before they arise. We can help to save lives by doing so.

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