Tips for Keeping Late Night Workers Safe

Workplace violence or injuries involving assault or attack are a leading cause of work-related injury. For workers in convenient stores, bars and gas stations, late hours could pose additional risk of injuries. These workers are especially at risk if they work late hours alone on the job. An increased risk of confrontations or violence should put late-shift workers and their employers on notice. If you are a late-night worker and suffered an attack or other injury on the job, you may be entitled to compensation, including workers’ compensation benefits.

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Anyone in customer service must deal with short-tempered or abusive customers. For late-night employees, vulnerability to a late-night crowd could create additional risks of a confrontation. Our Boston workers’ compensation attorneys are experienced with helping employees collect the compensation they are entitled to after an injury. We are dedicated to worker safety and are committed to staying abreast of the potential dangers faced by our local workforce.

Workers who are attacked while isolated on the job could suffer serious injuries. In many cases they are wounded and unable to seek out help for themselves. Here are some tips for employers and workers from the Health and Safety Authority to help stay safe and prevent workplace assaults and confrontations:

Employees should be well-rested and have access to meal-breaks. For night workers it is even more important to be well-rested. Night-shift workers should also have similar access to breaks to ensure that they are fed and well-rested to perform job duties.

Be prepared for an emergency or medical event. Employers should be aware of potential medical conditions and should provide an employee with an emergency plan in the event of an attack or other event.

Premises should be well-lit and at a safe temperature. Workers in convenient stores, toll booths, or other late night positions should have safe working conditions. The area should be well-lit, air should be warm and comfortable and employers may need to turn up the heat at night.

Have proper surveillance and protections. Cameras can help to catch a criminal after an assault, but they can also prevent criminal activity. Warning signs can be placed around the premises so that assailants know they are being recorded.

Partner-up and exit premises together. When possible, late shift workers should leave and enter the premises together. This “buddy system” can help prevent parking lot attack and other assaults that may occur when an employee leaves the building.

Managers should commit to safety and providing safety resources. An experienced person should assess workplace conditions and ensure that there is risk assessment. Any issues that could affect worker safety should be addressed. In addition to understanding legislation and worker rights, a competent person should enforce company rules and regulations.

While preparation and regulations can help to keep a safe workplace, some late-night workers will suffer from an accident, injury or confrontation. If you have been injured on the job, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation and other benefits stemming from third-party claims.

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