Most Costly Workplace Injuries

Lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering are only a few of the negative consequences that can trail a work-related injury. Though workers may be able to recover some of their losses through workers’ compensation benefits, many suffer lasting or permanent injuries that can leave them struggling for life. In addition to the direct costs suffered by every injured worker, companies will also suffer financial losses associated with worker injuries. This should be another incentive to keep every workplace safe and to follow state and federal regulations.


Companies suffer immediate losses after a worker injury, including direct costs of medical expenses and wages. They must also pay additional costs that can lead to an overall bottom-line loss. Our work injury attorneys are primarily interested in helping workers recover personal and financial losses after a work-related injury. In addition, we are dedicated to raising awareness to improve workplace conditions and to prevent future accidents and injuries. Individuals as well as business owner should be aware of the most expensive risks and the potentially long-term financial detriment of workplace injuries.

According to the Occupational and Health Administration (OSHA), work-related injury costs can account for 5% of a company’s total costs. Based on this reality, it is the advice of OSHA and other worker advocates, that companies take every precaution to keep their workers safe. Preventing injuries at the outset can reduce overall insurance premiums, ensure that companies are fully-functioning, and ultimately preserve the bottom-line for small businesses and corporations.

Workplace safety should always be a priority, regardless of the upfront costs of time and resources. Creating a safe work environment means implementing safe systems and processes that can prevent the most common types of injuries. The most common workplace injuries include slip and fall (20%), cuts (17%), and blows against an object or heavy machinery (16%). Other workplace injuries including strains, burns, and motor vehicle accidents. According to OSHA, these are the most expensive workplace injuries:

Motor vehicle accidents: Individuals who are involved in work-related accidents cost an average of $35,328. This is the most expensive type of injury which can be reduced through proper training and equipment maintenance.

Slip and fall: The average slip and fall claim costs $9,805. Employers can prevent slip and fall injuries by ensuring that workers have protective gear and are properly trained. Maintenance of the premises and equipment is also critical to prevent these injuries.

Caught in an object: This type of injury most often involves heavy machinery at factories, in farming, or industrial premises. On average, an individual claim will cost a company $8,066. Employers can help to reduce these accidents through maintenance, training, equipment, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Strains involving heavy lifting as well as general will cost employers around $4,000-$5,000. The remainder of injuries will cost an average of $1,000. Even minor injuries that result in claims can be costly. The best way to prevent injury is to take preventative action to keep workers safe though training, maintenance, and protective gear. Employers are responsible for ensuring they are up-to-date with the most recent state and federal safety regulations.

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