Massachusetts Work Accident Rates Lowest in New England

According to the Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses of 2011, the state of Massachusetts has the lowest rate of work illnesses and injuries among the New England states that reported their stats.

Massachusetts also has lower rates than the national average, according to the Massachusetts’ Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were about 70,000 work injuries that were reported among the more than 2.5 million private sector employees in 2010. This means that there were about 3 injuries and illnesses that were reported for every 100 full-time equivalent worker. These numbers represent the lowest in the New England area.

Our Quincy workers’ compensation attorneys understand that more than half of the workplace injuries and illnesses that were reported required the worker to take time off the job, a job transfer or a job restriction. It’s important that you make sure that your workers’ compensation is covering you properly if you’ve been injured on the job. You have a right to workplace safety and you have a right to this compensation should you suffer a work injury. It is critical for you to contact an experienced attorney if you’ve been injured to help to make sure that you’re getting the compensation that you deserve.

The Natural Resources and Mining sector reported the most incidents in the top ten major industry sectors. There were more than 6 incidents reported for every 100 FTEs. This sector employed less than .5 percent of the private industry workforce, too. Workers in this sector need to be provided with the most thorough job training and the safest equipment. When these workers are not properly equipped and corners are cut then accidents happen.

The Education & Health Service sector followed closely behind the Natural Resources and Mining sector. This field reported 5 incidents for every 100 FTEs. On the other hand, this industry employed more than 22 percent of the private industry workforce.

Financial Activities reported the very lowest rates for injuries and illnesses on the job. This industry reported an average of 1 report for every 100 FTE. Grant-making, religious, maintenance and repair companies, professional, civic and other similar organizations followed closely behind and reported less than 3 incidents per every 100 FTEs. Throwing all of these together, these sectors employed nearly a third of the state’s total private industry workforce.

Of the more than 3,000 injuries and illnesses that were reported in the state, only about 800 of them (or about a quarter) didn’t require the worker to take any time off of work. The other 2,300 (or close to 75 percent) required employees to take time off of work, to make a job transfer, to endure job restrictions, etc.

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