Unemployment Numbers Show High Risks for Work-Related Accidents in Massachusetts

According to the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development, the preliminary numbers for the month of January 2012 conclude that the state of Massachusetts added nearly 7,000 new jobs throughout the month. At last calculations, there were just about 3,218,500 jobs in the state of Massachusetts. The unemployment rate still sits at roughly 6.9 percent, which illustrates absolutely no change from the month before. While we’re still sitting at the same unemployment rate, we’re still sitting well below the national unemployment rate of 8.3 percent. That national rate is the lowest it’s been since 2008.
With the current unemployment rate, we’re still facing the same risks for work-related injuries in Massachusetts. When our unemployment rate drops and more people head back to work, we can expect higher accident risks. We need to start working on safety policies and on-the-job protection now!

Our Waltham workers compensation lawyers understand that we also saw 8,000 jobs added to the private sector in January of 2012. Seven out of the 10 private sectors illustrated gains with the largest in Professional, Scientific, and Business Services as well as Trade, Transportation, and Utilities.

Job Overview:

-Professional, Scientific, and Business Services were able to add nearly 4,000 jobs through the month of January.

-Trade, Transportation, and Utilities were able to add nearly 2,000 jobs throughout the month of January.

-Leisure and Hospitality was able to add more than 1,500 jobs throughout the month of January.

-Construction was able to add about 1,000 jobs over the month of January.

-Other Services were able to add about 1,000 job during January.

-Information was able to add about 700 jobs over the month of January.

-Financial Activities added nearly 500 new jobs in January.

-Education and Health Services lost more than 1,500 jobs during January.

-Manufacturing lost nearly 500 jobs in January.

-Mining and Logging lost about 100 jobs in January.

-Government lost nearly 1,500 jobs over the month of January.

While we are listing a lot of fields that were able to add jobs in the month of January, it’s important to remember all of the jobs that were lost in previous years. Still, this shows that the job market in Massachusetts is finally picking up where it left off.

As we said before, there were about 3,218,500 people who were employed during the month of January. That means that there were nearly 238,000 who were unemployed during the same time. This means that there was a total labor force of nearly 3,456,000.

Officials calculate the unemployment rate by taking monthly samples of random households. Job numbers are estimated through monthly samples from random employers.

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