Boston Industrial Fatality and Dangerous Conditions for Immigrants

Industrial workers face a number of dangers on the job. While OSHA and state safety departments work to ensure safe conditions, there continue to be serious and fatal industrial site accidents. Earlier this month, a Boston worker was killed in an industrial accident after he was struck by a 12,000-pound steel beam. The tragedy highlights the reality that industrial and immigrant workers face dangerous working conditions and are at risk of injury and death, especially in the event of safety violations.


Workers who are injured on the job and families who have lost a loved one in a work-related accident are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Our Boston workers’ compensation attorneys are dedicated to helping victims quickly and effectively recover the full compensation they deserve after an accident. We also stay abreast of work-related accident cases in our community and want to keep both employees and employers informed to prevent future injury and wrongful death.

According to reports, a beam fell and struck the worker at an industrial work site in East Boston. The impact was so severe that the worker was pronounced dead at the scene. Authorities reported that the victim was a 46-year-old man from El Salvador. The immigrant-worker had only been in the United States for 12 years.

Witnesses indicated the worker was struck and pinned by the beam. After the accident, firemen found him trapped and pinned underneath the beam. The piece of steel weighed 12,000 pounds and the fire department had to work into the night to recover the body. It is likely that OSHA or another department will investigate the work site to determine whether safety standards were met. There were at least three other workers on the scene when the accident occurs.

In the event of a workplace accident, victims and their families should also consult with independent advocates and investigators to determine the cause of the accident. While work-accident victims do not have to prove fault to collect workers’ compensation, they may also be entitled to additional compensation through third-party personal injury claims. Victims and their families should file workers’ compensation claims in a timely manner and work with an experienced advocate to ensure timely processing and financial recovery.

This recent industrial accident highlights the dangers of certain working conditions throughout the Boston area. Witnesses found the scene of the accident relatively quiet with emergency vehicles passing through the scene. Later in the evening the victim’s family members began to gather near the accident scent, waiting for officials to recover the body. This was the second industrial facility accident within a five day period in Boston. Earlier in the week,another construction worker died when he was injured by heavy machinery. According to reports, the victim was taken to Tufts Medical Center and later died of the fatal injuries he sustained in the accident.

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